Teach Better Conference

The Teach Better Conference is a two-day, immersive experience that brings educators together to connect, learn, and grow in an effort to be better for students! 

It is with our deepest sympathy that the Teach Better Team announces the permanent cancelation of 2023 Teach Better Conference. As many of you are aware, the set of recent circumstances has resulted in numerous difficult decisions from the team (See full story below).

However, we do not want to leave the community high and dry for a way for us all to connect…
so how about some good news for a change?
The Teach Better Team is partnering with the Teach Your Heart Out Community for their Carnival Paradise Cruise leaving next Summer from Florida and heading to Cozumel!

Come hang out with your favorite Teach Better Family members as we set sail on this 5-Day experience June 29th – July 3rd 2024.

Sessions will be interspersed with pool parties, networking events, & fun in the sun!
You can get all the details and register NOW using this link : www.sailwithteachbetter.com

Are you ready for a Teach Better Family Vacation?

INITIAL STORY: In the month of April, we discovered that we were the victim of a Fraudulent Check Scheme, robbing the team of hundreds of thousands of dollars used to support the work being done daily by this community. The team has retained legal counsel to pursue a resolution, but this is a long, complicated, and expensive process. Due to these events, we have been forced to lay off over half of our team of incredibly valued educators. As many in our community will understand, we view each and every member as family. It is heartbreaking to say goodbye to such outstanding human beings as we fall victim to such a shameful set of circumstances. While this will not impact the work we do with our current and future clients, it will force us to change some of the other work we do to support our community, such as cancelling the Teach Better Conference.

At this time, we encourage our community to rally together in support of one another. While the team adjusts to this enormous change, we will do all we can to continue to positively impact the field of education. We hope you take a moment to share your appreciation for those in your life who allow you to be your best self and open your hearts to continue creating safe spaces for educators.

The Teach Better Team has, and will forever, be built by teachers and fueled by passion.Better today. Better tomorrow. Together always.

While we may not all be together this Fall, we encourage you to connect with the incredible Teach Better Family Speakers initially selected to share their voice with our community:

2023 Keynotes & Featured Speakers:

“I attended 2019 and 2022 and this continues to be the most immersive event to support the whole teacher. Great Topics. Great People. Great Networking.”