Why Exhibit or Sponsor?

Connect and Build Relationships

Connect, engage, and build relationships with a wide range of educators and school administrators looking for tools and resources to help them go back to their schools and classrooms and Teach Better.

The 2019 Teach Better Conference SOLD OUT and brought together 300 passionate educators from 23 states, all driven to be Better for their students.

In 2020, we’re expecting more than 400 in attendance. Come interact with teachers, principals, superintendents, and more, during 2 days of sessions and workshops, and strengthen those connections during our evening networking events.

Expected to Attend:

  • Classroom Teachers
  • Coordinators / Administrators
  • College and University Faculty
  • Counselors and School Psychologists
  • Tech Coaches / Coordinators
  • Other Teacher Support Members

Higher Traffic

For 2020, we’re moving a larger venue that will allow us to better highlight our sponsors. In addition to more space for your displays, we’re including specific times in our schedule dedicated to you spending time with attendees. Attendees will also be encourage to participate in our “Sponsor Bingo” game, where they need to visit every sponsor in order to be entered to win some cool prizes. This is all with the intention of generating as much traffic as possible to your table, giving you more opportunities to connect and engage attendees.

We’ll also be working individually with our sponsors to come up with creative ways to get you more involved in all aspects of the conference. We don’t just want you to set up a display and go home. We want you to be involved, to have fun, and to become more than a sponsor, a partner.

Show Off Your Product, Service, or Organization

Exhibitor tables include an optional 20 minute presentation session where you can spotlight your product, service, or organization. Dive deep into all you have to offer with these information and valuable sessions.

*These sessions should NOT be a sales pitch, but rather a deep dive into your product or platform. Pricing and sales talk should be reserved for at your table space.

**Please Note: These sessions are on a first come, first reserved basis, as there are a limited number of time slots available.

Network. Network. Network.

We are all about relationships. They are the foundation to any strong partnership or business transaction. We’ve kept our conference small by design, to create the best opportunity to connect and build real, lifelong relationships with our attendees.

We don’t want you to just come set up your table and leave. Be present, be engaged, and be sure to attend our networking events to strengthen the relationships you build during the day.

People (teachers and admins included) want to work with and buy from people they know, like, and trust. We want to create opportunities for you to be that person!